Tao, Tantra & Tea

On Saturday, May 18 I will be teaching again the workshop about yin yoga, chakras and other basics of yoga philosophy. This workshop is organized by the great team at Stadswild and they will serve 7 wonderful tea blends for us to enjoy.

You can inscribe in the store at www.stadswild.nl

Summer Retreat in France

Just back from beautiful Bali retreat – definitely to be repeated! – we are already dreaming of the next one: July 17 to 24 in the French country side, in the center run by my good friend Jolien van der Mee. For more information check www.happysoultravel.nl

Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Info Evening

On Friday, December 14, we will be at the YogaGarden from 20.00 to 21.30 to talk about the upcoming training. We’ll do a short yin yoga practice, provide information and answer your questions. You can sign in at info@yogateacher.nl

Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Yin Yoga, Chakras and Personal Development

It is with great joy that we announce the starting of our second 100-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, starting on January 25, 2013. The training consists of all the basic Yin Yoga postures, anatomy principles, analysis of postures and of skeletal variations (why some postures work for some people and not for others), modification of postures and use of props, chakra theory and practice, meditation and how to apply all this to your daily life.

I have been studying with Paul and Suzee Grilley for four years and have just received a 500-hour certificate from them. Their teachings continue to be an immense source of inspiration. Johan Noorloos has extensive experience with the psychology of yoga and the workings of the mind, and he leads sessions on personal development and insight.

More information on www.yogateacher.nl or contact me.

Teacher Training level 2: Techniques, Adjustments and Sequencing

On October 13 we started our third level 2 program. We are happy to receive a full group and hope that our time together will be fruitful and inspiring to all. More information on www.yogateacher.nl

Summer Yoga in Tuscany

with Anat Geiger and Joe Barnett
28th of July – 4th of August 2012

This summer I will be teaching YinYang Yoga in a gorgeous setting in Tuscany. Together with Joe Barnett, an American friend and colleague who has been working with Paul Grilley for many years, we hope to offer a very special summer treat.  Yin Yang Yoga is a unique combination of quiet, meditative poses and a strong, dynamic practice. We will stay in a traditional “borgo” which dates back to the 16th century with stunning views, nicely decorated rooms, a delicious veggie kitchen and swimming pool. Besides the yogaclasses twice a day you will have time to explore the area, like the lovely towns Volterra and Casole d’Elsa or go for a peaceful walk in the nearby forests and nature reserves. Of course you can also simply stay at the property and read a book by the pool or go for a massage.

For more information, please visit www.happysoultravel.nl or call +31 (0)20-6230673 or +31 (0)6-51048870


Teacher Training

We will be starting a new Module 2 group on October 2011 and I am happy to anounce that we will also be offering a Yin Yoga Tacher Training this year. We will have an open day for YYTT on the 3rd of September, and for Module 2 on the 4th. Please mail yogateacher@yogateacher.nl for more information.


As you may know, I will be absent from the 11th to the 28th of August to study Chakras and Meridias with my teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley, and from the 18th of September to the 2nd of October I will be in Brazil. All my classes will go on, please check the YogaGarden website for the list of substitute teachers.

Prayer for World’s Happiness

January 30 2011 was again World Yoga Day: in 33 countries yogis practice from 11 to 1 pm in the name of a good cause. In the event organized by the Yoga Magazine this year, the YogaGarden team – Johan, Marcel and I – taught a threesome class: 45 minutes of Ashtanga followed by 45 minutes of Anusara, and 45 minutes of Yin Yoga to round up the practice. We finished with one of the many versions of a buddhist prayer, and since many people asked me for the text afterwards, I post it here for everybody to see:

May all beings be happy:

The ones I love and the ones I don’t love;

Those who live near and those who live far.

The big and the small.

The visible and the invisible.

May all beings everywhere be happy, and may my life be of service.

Thank you all for a beautiful, moving day.


I will be leaving to my yearly visit to Brazil on December 14 and will return on January 20. As always I will do my best to find suitable teachers to substitute my classes, and will post the list of substituting teachers as soon as I can.