It’s been a while…

For some reason, the posting and sharing of news and ideas remain a little alien for me. I like the idea, and sincerely intend to keep it up, but always, life – the real sharing and exchanging of things – happens, and two years have passed.

But this is my newest honest attempt to keep you posted with news but also with maybe some snippets of thoughts and ideas. Let’s see how it goes.

First things first: we have launched an online yoga platform!  is a coming together of 5 yoga practitioners with a lot of experience in yoga and all kinds of different areas, and with one common goal: to offer high quality, no-nonsense yoga at an affordable price to anyone, anywhere. We have observed that yoga is often associated with a life style that includes being skinny and flexible, always calm and harmonious and with everything figured out. In our combined 30 years of yoga, that is not our experience at all! Quite the opposite: yoga help us deal with our confusion and imperfections and struggles.. Instead of hiding ourselves behind hidden agendas and hypocrisy, we wish to own our bodies so we can transcend them and experience life as an opportunity for growth, transformation and bliss.

We always post some classes and talks for free at the site, so you can check it out without any commitment. If you feel like it, let me know what you think.