Why a good massage feels so good can be explained in many ways, physically, psychologically and energetically. The fact is that it does.

Painful, tired muscles can be relaxed and stretched; “stuff” lying between the muscles, limiting movement, can be melted away; pain, depression and stress can be eased. Circulation improves and because the massage takes us out of our heads (at least temporarily), awareness of the body increases, which can help us prevent further injury and build-up of new stress in the long term.

The kind of massage applied will depend on the client’s needs and preferences: someone with a burnout will need a different approach than someone with a pulled neck muscle. Aromatherapy will also add a whole new dimension to the treatment.

Of all the senses, olfaction is the one most closely connected to the brain, and essential oils are scientifically proven to have a deep effect in us, both physically and psychologically. I make a special blend for each client.

I graduated from the London School of Aromatherapy in 2002 and since 2005.

I combine the principles of Deep Tissue Massage when necessary.

Sessions can also be complemented with personal exercise counseling and coaching.