Prayer for World’s Happiness

January 30 2011 was again World Yoga Day: in 33 countries yogis practice from 11 to 1 pm in the name of a good cause. In the event organized by the Yoga Magazine this year, the YogaGarden team – Johan, Marcel and I – taught a threesome class: 45 minutes of Ashtanga followed by 45 minutes of Anusara, and 45 minutes of Yin Yoga to round up the practice. We finished with one of the many versions of a buddhist prayer, and since many people asked me for the text afterwards, I post it here for everybody to see:

May all beings be happy:

The ones I love and the ones I don’t love;

Those who live near and those who live far.

The big and the small.

The visible and the invisible.

May all beings everywhere be happy, and may my life be of service.

Thank you all for a beautiful, moving day.